Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews—Hair Brushes Need Care, Too

People don’t really give much thought about caring for their hair brush. Usually, a brush is purchased on a whim and never cleaned for the entire duration of its use, without the user ever realizing that a clean and pristine brush plays an important role in achieving a flawless, voluminous hair for the entire day.

Hair brushes need your care, just like your hair. Over time, hair brushes can get saturated with dirt and build-up from the hair products that you use, which can impact their performance significantly. Make sure your brush continues to perform the way you expect it to by cleaning them at least once a month. When you purchase a brush, check the label for cleaning instructions. Generally, all it takes to clean a brush is to shampoo it.

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Hair brush guide: Choosing the right brush for your hair, discovergoodnutrition.com

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