Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Hide Thin Hair with Colour

There are plenty of ways to hide thinning hair. Some of the most common ways include shorter hairstyles, use of volumising hair products, and proper blow drying. But did you know that you can also disguise thinning hair with colour? By colouring your hair a few shades lighter, you can actually make visible scalp patches less noticeable.

Colour—or more specifically, dark colour—makes the hair strands look bigger, and thus more visible. Dark, thin hair contrasts with the colour of the scalp, making bare spots more obvious. Simply go a shade or two lighter and those bald spots that glaringly peek through will become less visible than before. If you’re feeling a little risky, you may also want to try three shades lighter. To maintain your look, be sure to touch up every two to three months.

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How to disguise a bald spot: seven tips and tricks,

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