Sunday, August 21, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Home Remedies to Hair Loss

There comes a time when almost every adult contends with hair loss. Hormones, stress, diet, or other factors will likely make you face it too. When you start noticing your hair fall out more often and more heavily than usual, you can try the following home remedies.

Green tea

Brew enough of this beverage for three cups a day, and you’ll have a simple tonic against dihydrotestosterone. This hormone is linked to hair loss in men and women. Green tea cuts its production and also stimulates hair follicles and speeds up hair growth.

Avocado, coconut milk, and lime juice

Mix half an avocado with four tablespoons of coconut milk and two tablespoons of lime juice. Toss the mixture into a blender for 15 seconds, and you’ll have a puree you can use for a scalp massage.

Coconut oil in itself is good for your hair, but combined with the nutrients in avocado and lime, it can work wonders for strengthening your hair roots. The scalp massage can also stimulate hair growth by increasing blood flow to your follicles.

Egg whites

Instead of a massage oil, create a homemade paste by beating egg whites with extra virgin olive oil. Apply it to your scalp, making sure to coat your hair – and wash it with mild shampoo afterwards! The zinc, iron, iodine, and other minerals present in eggs will promote hair regrowth.

Eventually, you may have to consider seeking other hair loss treatments or even a hair replacement system. As you assess options on the market, you may start browsing Lucinda Ellery reviews for a better idea of advanced treatments that work for you.

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