Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: How to Lessen Stress

Too much stress can wreak havoc on one’s body, hair health included. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are three types of hair loss that can be caused by undue stress: telogen effluvium, trichotillomania and alopecia areata.

No woman wants to lose her precious locks unnecessarily, so to combat hair loss, you need to minimise all the situations in your life that are causing you to stress out. Lucinda Ellery reviews would like to share with you some tips for less stress in your life.

Eat healthy.

Eating right gives your body the nutrients it needs to combat the ill effects of stress. Good food also contributes to the health of your hair and scalp, making hair loss less likely to happen.

Exercise regularly.

Regular exercise can be extremely helpful in fighting emotional stress. Exercise raises the body’s endorphin level, helping you feel calmer and more relaxed for longer.

Get enough sleep.

Lack of sleep affects both physical and mental health. You should try to get around seven to eight hours of sleep every day. This will come easier if you follow a regular sleep pattern.


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Monday, May 23, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Tricks for Thick Hair

For girls, thin hair is just unacceptable. If you’ve tried every single hair-thickening spray on the market and none of them worked, you’ll be happy to know that there are actually simpler ways to make your hair look thicker. Take a look at these nifty hair thickening tricks taken from a few of the most popular Lucinda Ellery reviews online.

Make your haircut work for you.

The longer the hair, the more it weighs itself down. For hair to bob and look thicker, medium to short haircuts are best.

Go with layers.

If you don’t want to lose your long tresses, go with layers. A one-length type of hair can make the fine texture more obvious. Layers can impart some much needed volume and movement to an otherwise flat-looking hair.

Make friends with dry texturising spray.

Thin hair tends to get oily fast because there’s not enough to absorb all the oil produced by the scalp. To counter this, dry texturising spray is an absolute must. Drying out the oil from your hair will give it body, not to mention make it look clean and fresh for longer.


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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Habits that Lead to Hair Loss

When most people hear about hair loss, they immediately think of conditions like alopecia areata and totalis, yet there are other causes of hair loss that people don’t take too seriously. Traction alopecia, for one, is the condition that results from pulling hair too much when styling. Here are some habits that can contribute to hair loss.

Damaging Styling Habits

Styling your hair in ways that require considerable pulling like buns, and ponytails may cause hair to fall off. Pulling your hair too tight will take a toll on its strength.

Wearing braids, weaves and extensions for a long time also exacts traction on hair, causing it to fall off. Tight cornrows, for instance, cause marginal and central alopecia.

Contrary to popular belief, brushing the hair too many times will have an adverse effect. Constant pulling of the follicles when brushing will ultimately lead to hair loss.

Another common habit is styling hair or brushing when it is still wet. Wet hair is very susceptible to breakage.

Getting Treatment

When you realise that you have thinning hair because of your styling habits, you need to get suitable treatment. Various options are available, and experts in the hair loss field like Lucinda Ellery can offer the best ones. You can look at positive Lucinda Ellery reviews to see some of the results that people get.


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Monday, May 9, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Unknown Facts about Trich

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Unknown Facts about Trich

Trichotillomania, also called trich, is a widely-known condition amongst women everywhere, but there’s still more to learn about this. Whether you’re experiencing an uncontrollable urge to pull out hair strands or not, here are some little-known facts about trich that can change the way you view this condition.

Trich can lead to extreme hair loss.

Women who had recently come out about their experiences with trich said that, whilst they had known about their condition for some years, there were times that it took a toll on their hair, and even led to extreme hair loss.

The exact cause is yet to be determined.

The same way medical experts are yet to determine a possible treatment for the condition; they are yet to find an explanation on the exact cause of trich. Some say that it’s a type of addiction, whilst others think it’s a reflection of a mental health problem. One thing for sure, however, is that the symptoms begin to manifest itself as early as 11 to 13 years of age.

Noticing bald spots on your scalp due to trichotillomania may be a discouraging sight, but there’s help readily available. Many Lucinda Ellery reviews online prove a hair loss solution such as the Intralace System™ to be of great help in managing trichotillomania.


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