Sunday, July 10, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews: Summer Hairstyle Trends

Sweltering weather and beach days call for a low-maintenance hairstyle that gives you a fun and radiant vibe. After you have your Intralace System put in, you can finally have the summer hairstyle that you’ve always wanted. As Lucinda Ellery reviews online reveal, your Intralace System can be styled like natural hair, allowing you to finally achieve one of the popular summer hairstyle trends:


Keep hair off your neck and shoulder with a bob. Of course, you might prefer a bob that’s not too short so you can still make the most of your chosen hair loss solution. Bobs are basically wash-and-wear, very easy to style, and manage.

Long Layers

Most celebrities on the red carpet catch eyes and exude confidence with their long, disheveled layers. Long layers create a nice balance between ragged and chic. Moreover, long layers let you enjoy a myriad of updo options, such as buns and braids.

Baby Bangs

First off, note that not everyone can pull off baby bangs. Women with wider foreheads are better able to rock baby bangs. If your hair stylist recommends it to you, baby bangs can be a fun and adorable accent to your summer hairstyle.


Spring/summer 2016 hair trend report: the best styles to try,

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