Friday, April 29, 2016

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Ageing Effects of Hair Loss

Lucinda Ellery Reviews Ageing Effects of Hair Loss

Experts have already determined that hair loss affects an individual on a mental and emotional level. Women, in particular, have a harder time dealing with hair loss as it is a condition that is mostly associated with men. For the most part, however, hair loss has a significant effect on a person’s appearance.

Lucinda Ellery reviews illustrate how hair loss can make a woman look about ten years older than she really is. Loss of hair shifts the balance of one’s face to the forehead which results in an aged appearance. Additionally, those who lose their hair at an early age feel like it dramatically signifies the end of their youth. Studies also reveal that women who have minimal hair loss are more upset about looking older than with the thinning they experience.

Women tend to be more concerned for their appearance and may feel down more psychologically compared to men. The good news, however, is that they can still regain their confidence and youthful looks with effective hair loss replacement solutions like Lucinda Ellery’s Intralace System™. This system is fully integrated to the hair, allowing it to achieve a natural look and feel. Talk to a hair loss solution expert today to go over your options.


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Friday, April 15, 2016

Joy for Mums: Lucinda Ellery Reviews Stories to Inspire

Joy for Mums: Lucinda Ellery Reviews Stories to Inspire

Without a thick and healthy crowning glory, a woman is bound to be quite conscious of her appearance. Fortunately, there are hair replacement specialists such as Lucinda Ellery who make it to their mission to help women regain the splendour of their tresses. Here are some Lucinda hair loss stories that are sure to tug at your heartstrings and maybe even bring you hope.

Vivienne’s New Mane

For the TV series 10 Years Younger, part of Vivienne’s makeover involved her getting the Intralace System™ by Lucinda Ellery to recover the hair she lost pregnancy. Prior to the makeover, Vivienne rarely left her home without a headband to cover her thinning crown. The 10 Years Younger team brought her to Lucinda Ellery’s salon and the hair replacement procedure proved to be a success—Vivienne did look several years younger, even with tears of joy in her eyes.

Ruth’s Lovely Locks

Lucinda Ellery reviews another successful story of Ruth who experienced hair thinning—also exacerbated by pregnancy—for many years. Carrying on such burden, Ruth endured the consequences of bodged weave extensions and had to resort to using uncomfortable wigs for a year. After watching a woman (which could possibly be Vivienne) given an Intralace System™ for the programme 10 Years Younger, Ruth decided to give it a try. Needless to say, Ruth was delighted with the results, describing it as “Cheryl Cole” hair.


TV show led distraught mum back to a full head of Cheryl Cole hair and restored her self-esteem following bodged extensions,